The Story of My Personal Evolution Through Style

How fashion helped me define & discover myself

Photo by Rianne Gerrits on Unsplash

2012–2013: Bright eyed & bushy tailed

Image from Bing Images

2014: Tumblr girl origins

Image from pixhai on Tumblr
Image from refawn on Tumblr

2014–2015: Tumblr girl gets sad

Image from Tumblr
Image from Tumblr

2016: New year, who dis?

Image from Tumblr

2018: Kpop! Yes, Kpop!

Image from Pinterest

2019–2020: Discovering more sides of myself

Image from Destiny Joseph on Instagram

writer, poet, + tarot reader. I write personal essays, poetry, and whatever else I feel like. get to know me on Twitter: @autumnj4nelle

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