OPEN LETTER: I Will Be Away Trying To Make My Dreams A Reality

An open letter to myself, really (And any interested creatives).

Photo by Sinitta Leunen on Pexels

Hello, to my few followers! Right off the bat, I want to say that at this point in my life, I no longer feel like regularly writing for Medium anymore. I have ideas for posts, sure, but the motivation isn’t there. And the worst thing I could do is force myself to get back to that schedule I had so impressively maintained during the fall months of 2020.

Another thing: I gained new followers based on the articles published in An Injustice! here on Medium. Those articles detailed my unique experiences and perspectives as a young Black woman. Those kinds of articles are good for catharsis and educating others, yes, but they are not what I want to write about all the time. That’s not the kind of content you would’ve gotten from me had I planned on continuing my progress on this platform. There’s plenty more where that (my articles’ topics) came from — elsewhere.

I want to document this somewhere so I can look back once I’ve reached my first few goals and smile at the version of me who was scared, floating around without a foothold, and dreaming up an ideal future for herself.

The point is…

I want to create my own online magazine. I already have a name, and a vision, and a target audience. I want this space to be for young women/femmes, trans and queer folx, and BIPOC specifically — a space where their voices and stories can be celebrated. People like us experience so much joy and triumphs and love that often go undocumented because society (“We LiVe In A sOcIeTy”) and the media nowadays are more interested in our struggles. I want to be a part of forming a publication that puts different kinds of stories out into the world, stories that are raw and vulnerable, true and kind…stories that make us laugh, inspire us, and plant seeds of joy in our souls.

The bigger picture has never been difficult for me to conjure up — I can see the end product of this endeavor very clearly. But the finer details are where I fall short, simply because I have not gained enough experience in the editorial world. However! my tarot cards and a recent dream about a garter snake (check out its symbolism) have encouraged me to try to take the first steps toward my dream, regardless of these shortcomings.

I know I need a team. I know I need other collaborators, innovators to complement the dreamer I am. I need a web developer and a designer and an artist and a social media manager and — *big inhale* — other people I’m probably forgetting. I don’t have money to pay anyone for their work. I don’t have money or a new enough laptop to purchase design and publishing software. But something is telling me not to worry about all of that right now. The spark of an idea is enough, somehow.

So, with all that said, this Medium account is functioning as a dormant portfolio, if I ever need old work to pull up should someone ask about my writing. You can unfollow me…I’m unfollowing me, too, essentially.

That’s all I can think to say…Oh! If you or anyone else might be interested in collaborating with me on this (or just chatting to see if we would be compatible creators), you can contact me here:

Okay, now I’m finished. So long for now, everyone. Hopefully you’ll see me and my publication out there in the big world. No — you will see. You will.

— Autumn

writer, poet, + tarot reader. I write personal essays, poetry, and whatever else I feel like. get to know me on Twitter: @autumnj4nelle

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