How to Feel When You Feel Too Much — Being a Water Sign & Friendship

What to do when you’re all mushy inside

Without getting into the specifics of my astrological birth chart, I have A LOT of Pisces placements… and an intense, Plutonian Scorpio rising. For those who don’t speak Astro Hoe, this means that I feel everything, entirely too much, and very deeply.

My emotions run deeper than the average person, which can make it difficult to express myself. Even to my close friends.

I met up with a friend from high school one summer and recounted the time that I wrote an open letter to our friends’ group chat about how much I loved them and missed the old days; the fragility of time and human relationships — normal stuff.

Image from Pinterest

My friend then revealed to me that when no one responded to that frighteningly long text, she had to message them all separately with a “Please, answer her.” And although it’s funny in hindsight, I realized how intense I can actually be when it comes to the people I love.

As I have never been in a romantic relationship before, all of those kinds of feelings have been directed onto friends that I’ve had throughout my life. It’s only shown me how fiercely loyal and loving I am — but it’s also shown me how most people are not. And that’s okay.

One thing I’ve learned from this aforementioned friend (who is a lovely Air Sign btw) is…


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