• Carlos Gavilanes Hernandez

    Carlos Gavilanes Hernandez

    Autistic+Neurodivergent♾️/Mexican Bilingual BIPOC. Always researching and never going to stop researching 'cause knowledge is power, man!

  • Lani Cal

    Lani Cal

  • Dorothy Lennon

    Dorothy Lennon

    Stringing my thoughts together in hopes of telling a story. Part-time college instructor, and a writer channeling Lynn from Girlfriends with too many degrees.

  • Dana Stewart Shunatona LCSW

    Dana Stewart Shunatona LCSW

    Enrolled Indian from Oklahoma. Writer, Blogger, Therapist, Activist, Opinionated Warrior Goddess always in training. Spiritually diverse seeker.

  • The Transgender Therapist

    The Transgender Therapist

    Queer, trans, white therapist living in the Pacific Northwest. I write about relationships, poetry, philosophy, mental health, queer stuff and more.

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