Sometimes hitting the share button does more harm than good

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In this new age of technology, it is almost customary to share every detail about your life, everything you see or experience, with anyone who will listen.

Using our voices on social media lets us feel like we’re really here, like we have something important to say about the world around us. And in a lot of cases, this is a great thing; all kinds of voices from diverse backgrounds and points of view are able to reach new audiences.

However, in a climate where anyone on social media can see news about injustice happening from anywhere in the world…

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a poem from May 2020

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a poem inspired by a BTS lyric

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a poem

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a poem

Why we shouldn’t limit ourselves to being one thing

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Ever since I can remember, I was a girl who loved her magazines. I started out with the American Girl and Discovery Girl magazines when I was in elementary and middle school; then I graduated to Seventeen and Teen Vogue the moment I became an official high schooler. A common theme of the fashion portions of these magazines were to put names to certain styles of dress. Back in the day, most of us were only aware of broad categories such as “Boho”, “Preppy”, “Sporty”, “Girly”, or “Edgy” (it’s giving me Spice Girls wannabes). …

An open letter to myself, really (And any interested creatives).

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Hello, to my few followers! Right off the bat, I want to say that at this point in my life, I no longer feel like regularly writing for Medium anymore. I have ideas for posts, sure, but the motivation isn’t there. And the worst thing I could do is force myself to get back to that schedule I had so impressively maintained during the fall months of 2020.

Another thing: I gained new followers based on the articles published in here on Medium. Those articles detailed my unique…

Autumn Hutson

writer, poet, + tarot reader. I write personal essays, poetry, and whatever else I feel like. get to know me on Twitter: @autumnj4nelle

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